Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Put him in

After last night's win in Carolina I was the lone supporter of putting Martin Gerber back in goal tomorrow night when the Panthers come to town. Gerber was brought in last summer with a big contract and the pressure of being the main guy and while it's VERY easy to look back and second guess the deal, I don't recall too many emails calling for Muckler to be fired.

Granted, I was working for a rock station at the time...

The point is Gerber hasn't played well up until last night and needs to get back in as quickly as possible to maintain and rebuild his confidence and at the salary he's getting, it's time for the him to rise to the challenge and silence his critics at home.

I'm one of Ray Emery's biggest fans and can't thank him enough for what he's done to help the Sens get back to .500 hockey, but the reality is you have to put Gerber back in. If he looks awful in his next start, then he should re-consider if Ottawa is where he wants to be for the next two and a half years. Imagine if you were making that kind of jack and knew that everybody in your workplace thought you were "crap" or "terrible", there's a pretty good chance you would eventually find a new place to work.

One emailer sent in the following, "If Gerber is making 11 million over 3 seasons, do you think he cares what people say about him?" and the reality is that money doesn't buy happiness, it allows you to pay off your house while the rest of us working stiffs look cheaper mortgage rates.

Shameless plug

We sometimes forget that these athletes are still human beings and should be fully aware of what they signed up for. Do you think Jason Spezza left the rink and enjoyed being booed on home ice a few weeks ago? Sure he can go buy whatever he wants but that stuff can get to someone whether they admit it or not.

If I had Gerber's salary, I'd buy my own French Fry truck.