Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here's my new blog. Life is now complete.

Why should Steve be the only one with a blog? I can write just as well as him.

Okay we both know I can't, but I've got to find a way to make myself busy in order to justify my 3 year 11 million dollar deal.

I promise not to abandon this blog just as Buzz did to his.

The main question I get these days is why did you leave the rock station for all sports and the answer is simple.

Free hockey tickets.

Two weeks after I got hired at the Team 1200, and after several auditions the Ottawa Senators offered me the gig to be the PA announcer at the games. So, now that I go to all the games and announce goals and penalties, what could possibly be the attraction of working at the Team?

Free Renegades tickets.

Oh, wait...we don't have a professional CFL team in Ottawa, why you ask? Well for some reason as much as Ottawan's love their football, they've been bitten too many times to care and have found other things to do with their summers. Now wait a sec, there's no way I just came up with that on my own, I think my co-host Steve Warne wrote about that in his blog a while back.

So back to the question, why the sports station?

It's the opportunity to talk about all things sports every morning and throw in real life into the mix as well. For example, Buzz is a ladies man (Man Ho) and "claims" to date a different girl every night. I won't deny he's pretty smooth with the ladies, which is a warning to any TGOR regular with a college daughter to send them out of province for post secondary education. All kidding aside, Buzz is like the guy who sits at the end of the bar and picks fights with everybody. Steve and I like the Red Sox, Buzz is a Yankee fan. Steve and I like the Senators....Buzz is a Leaf fan.

It should be noted as a former Montrealer, I grew up a Habs fan and will always be one but would love to see this city win a Cup.

Ask anybody who was on Preston Street on a sunny Sunday last July what it was like to celebrate Italy's world cup win and just imagine that 1000 times bigger. Winning a Cup etches your team's name in the history books and provides a lifetime of memories.

Speaking of memories, our poor producer Kenny is in a bit of a slump these days with the ladies. One woman emailed me and said we were being too hard on him and putting too much pressure on him to break his year and a half slump. I wrote her back and told her as someone who went trough a similar drought in my early 20's that we were just having good natured fun with the guy and ended off the email with "signed the married guy!" She's going to try and set up her sister with him, who's divorced and has 2 kids.

Hey, beggars can't be choosers.

So there you have it. That's why I jumped at the chance to get the open spot on TGOR left by Jungle.....I have seats on the glass for the best laugh in town every morning.