Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drunk driving is good?

Story comes down today that Cardinals manager Tony La Russa was busted for DUI. He didn't kill anyone, or crash his SUV but cops found him asleep at the wheel at a stop light.

When I heard the news, my reaction was typical...oh look another millionaire who doesn't know how to call a cab and was ready to move on with the rest of my day until the next line in the story:

When La Russa walked onto the field before Thursday's game, many fans stood and applauded.

You're kidding me right? Fans actually applauded a guy who got busted for driving drunk, and thankfully was schnockered enough to fall asleep at the wheel and didn't hurt anybody and they applauded that? I wish I was at the game today and saw these idiots in person. How do you explain that to your kid? "Daddy, why are all those people clapping", "Well son, he drove drunk, and, good question junior".

If the same thing happened here and it was Bryan Murray, I'd like to think fans at the Bank would be smart enough not to do the same thing. It doesn't matter if you make $7 an hour or 3 million a season, if you're drunk or high stay off the damn roads and don't applaud your "hero" for not killing anyone.