Monday, March 26, 2007


So, not 24 hours after I post the Peyton Manning piece from SNL...suddenly it's no longer available. Did NBC pull it from Youtube? Did PM get cold feet? Wait, I've spent too much time worrying about it and will most likely land up on another website as I write this.

Okay, back to today's show.
I tried the new Nike Sas-freakin-squatch driver at the golf show over the weekend and it makes the strangest sound when you hit it. Some of you may have heard me brag this morning that I could poke a drive 280 yards, which got me the following:

1. Steve giving me a bucket of 40 balls to do it at least once.

2. $50 if I do it.

3. Buzz at the 280 marker with a catcher's mitt.

Okay, so I might have hit a 280 yard drive ONCE in a tourney and won longest drive (granted it rolled a good 30 yards...) so I'll admit defeat now and reduce it to around, let's say.....235 yards on a consistent basis?

Speaking of the different shows over the weekend, we desperately need an expansion to Ottawa's Congress center. The lack of space means no Honda, Toyota, Land Rover, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Subaru. Even if you're not in the market for a new car, at least having them all under one roof gives you options. to the home show and what is it about a hot tub filled with water inside a building that makes some people completely stupid? My wife and I watched more than one couple go up and put their hand in, just to confirm that what they were seeing was actual WATER!

Also loved the "As seen on TV" row inside the Civic Center where if it sliced, diced and can clean the grout of out the smallest cracks, they were selling faster than Buzz's special on 2 for 1 nights.
Good luck to the 67's tonight against Belleville.