Monday, May 28, 2007

Well it's about time...drop the puck already!!!!!!

It has seemed like an entire summer has passed since we sent the Sabres packing and now the Ducks stand in the Senators way of returning Lord Stanley home where it belongs. We are minutes away from puckdrop and here are some pix from today's Be Red Sens car rally.

Sens in 5.

Or Sens in 4...

Nah, Sens in 6.

"Mom, can we paint the van??"

Forget bobble heads, when your name is on a rim you've made it.

"Stu, we read your blog all the time..."

See the golf course? It took me 10 minutes....

This is one of our regular TGOR emailers, Big Rick with Big Rick Jr.

I paid the city of Ottawa $30 for a parking ticket today. I also bought this for the same price and had it put on my Jersey (@ Sensations), needless to say it was better spent on this.