Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Car wash...Alyssa Milano is hot and Golf tourneys...

Here's a question for you gas station owners with car washes...

When it says 'Touchless" car wash does that mean that the water doesn't touch the car and no soap is used on the "Luxury" wash that costs $10?? I thought the last time was a fluke and chalked it up as too much buildup on the car after a long winter but how difficult is it to clean a minivan? I could have used that pressure washer I got a few years ago, but that takes work.

If you know of a car wash that, surprisingly washes cars the first time please email me stuntmanstu@team1200.com and I will forever be grateful because I'm never going to the "Touchless" one again.

NOW....I love Alyssa Milano....well, I mean I love my wife, but would also like to enter the contest to watch a Dodgers game with Alyssa but some lawyer in Bud Selig's office said "We can't let those crazy Canadians enter" so here's hoping we can get her to a Lynx game.

Hey, stranger things have happened....Kyle Bostwick work you magic.

THERE'S 8000 golf tournaments everyday in Ottawa and I love emceeing most of them. What drives me bonkers is calling out tickets during the raffle. Here's a little tip:

If you see my big ears up at the microphone the next time calling out 071862836342...for a logo'd hat and keychain, please note that I don't check the numbers when you show me your ticket, so if nobody gets up and challenges you, either the other person left or is in the can.

Oh, and to you PGA wannabe's who missed the cut, I'll see you this summer when announcing the winning foursome. If your group is putting down anything higher then -10 at a charity tournament you're either:

A. Lucky to be in a foursome with 2 ringers
B. An accountant, sales rep or CEO
C. Full of S#$%

Having been in several winning foursomes in the past, I can tell you that I wasn't A, definitely not B and a card carrying member of C.

Thanks for letting me rant, my wife was getting tired of it around the house.

Sens in 08...or 09, but please...before the Blue Team.