Saturday, June 23, 2007

A week off...

Spent the week off sleeping in...till 6:30am, which is nice considering the usual 3:45 wake up call.
Hosted a few golf tournaments, (Ottawa Hospital Foundation @ the Outaouais, BOMA @ Montebello) took my son to the museums, did the weather on CTV and watched the NHL draft on Friday night.
Couple of random thoughts about the NHL draft:

TSN does a great job covering the draft and the addition of former Columbus GM Doug MacLean was refreshing. I liked the fact that he was pretty honest with his thoughts on players. He's not that far removed from his job and was quick to point out where he and the scouts has the players ranked.

Whoever told the Capitals to go old school with their uniforms should get a raise. Too many teams went way off the mark and messed with a great uniform and I hope more teams follow the Caps lead.
Despite what many fans think of Gary Bettman, it's very classy when the commissioner of the league greets an 18 year old at the stage and says "Welcome to the NHL". I'm not aware if this is done in other leagues, mostly because the NHL draft is the only one I'll sit through.

Never watch the NHL draft with your Italian father in-law who's a Leafs fan. "Where are the Leafs...when are they going to pick...what do you mean they don't pick in the first round...and then a whole bunch of swear words in Italian...