Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now batting...numero #49

Today was a great day to work for a sports radio station, especially if you grew up an Expos fan. When I was a kid my dad would get free tickets from work (usually good stubs behind the home dugout) and we'd watch the Expos during the "good old days". Expos fans will remember Waren Cromartie who was our guest this morning on TGOR. I've interviewed a number of former hockey and football players but rarely get the chance to talk face to face with a former big leaguer. Growing up in Montreal these guys were larger than life and sitting opposite Waren Cromartie this morning it felt like AJ, Steve and I were in a bar with the guy just chatting about old times. Had Kenny (TGOR's fine producer) not reminded me to go to traffic, I'd still be sitting there. Number fourty nine is in town for the Lynx tribute to the Expos on Sunday ( and there's a chance for you to play alongside him and the others to just by visiting the Lynx website. As I write this, I'm not sure if the podcast from today's show is up yet, but if it is then download it, fast forward to 8am (unless you want to hear about AJ's rant about cats) and tell your co-workers to leave you alone for half an hour.