Friday, August 10, 2007

AJ, #45 and another reason to slow down.....

So long to our good buddy AJ Jakubec. AJ filled in for me while I sat in detention last year when I was leaving the squirrel. He's a bright hockey guy and will be the voice of the Oilers one day, here's hoping he'll continue his lawnmower calls for future generations to come. Here's a 30 second tribute to our soccer loving madman:

Question for my new co-horts at TSN: How come the Als games from Montreal aren't in HD? Once you've watched any sporting event in HD it's tough to go back to regular cable. HD and PVR's (Tivo's) were obviously invented by bored husbands. That said, if the CFL carried itself like TSN, there would be 12 teams in this country.

No love for the big leaguer....I host my fair share of events in this city and always see Sens and 67's stuff on the silent auction table but never anything from Navan's Eric Bedard. I know baseball support is slipping in Bytown, but I would think a signed Jersey in a nice frame would fetch some good coin at a golf tourney?

One thing you gotta love about this time of year is all the construction around town. Saw this sign and it made me slow down....that and the fact there was a member of Ottawa's finest on the side of the road with a speed gun. Note to self "fines are doubled in a construction zone".

Trust me.

Have a great weekend.