Sunday, August 5, 2007

A week off...the GG's house and some guy mad at Rona.

At the beginning of my week off my wife says to me "So, how many events this week?"

Outside of hosting the 2nd annual Joe Bentivolo golf tournament for Rogers House and being asked to judge the Casino Lac Leamy fireworks, my week was free. This week's 30 plus temps was a perfect time for me to call old friends (with pools) and reconnect. After living in Ottawa for twelve years, I discovered a couple of hidden gems in this city if you have young kids.

1. The Children's museum at the museum of Civilization - Your kid can run around and play with everything and stay amused for a good ninety minutes. It's sort of like walking through Toys R Us in late December and at first you're thinking "There's no way I'm going to last more then five minutes here" but after I saw a parent of six kids I thought keeping up with just one couldn't be that bad.

2. The Governor Generals residence - While it would make a perfect nine hole course, it's like a mini Central Park and you can bike through it, pack a lunch and let your kid run around until they run out of steam which means a nap on the drive home....and it's free admission, and anyone who's listened to TGOR for more then 2 minutes knows, I'm all about the free.

So all in all a good week off...

Back to the sports world. Let's see what did I miss:

1. Barry Bonds belts out 755 and now we all wait for the next one. More importantly, I'm waiting more to see how Bud Selig answers the media after the milestone. Should make for some stellar audio from the commish.

2. Dustin Penner heads to Edmonton because Brian Burke couldn't justify giving a guy a raise of 10 times his salary.

3. A-Rod belts out 500 and wants to talk to the person who caught the ball. If I'm the guy who caught it, here's the email I send to the Yanks front office:

Dear Mr. Rodddddriguez

I have your ball and can give it to you for a small fee. Based on your current MLB salary of $27,708,525 how about $1 million and season tix for life sound?

Guy who's got your ball.

Finally, got to get this off my chest.

Did you catch the story on the front page of the Citizen Saturday about the guy in Calgary who complained to Rona about their TV commercial that makes fun of lazy husbands? Johnny Sensitive didn't like Rona's answer how "the commercial was meant to be humorous" and called the Canadian advertising watchdog to complain even further. Now to be fair, I don't know this guy nor have I seen the commercial but if it's from a home improvement store insinuating that I'm a lazy husband, then congrats Rona you hit the nail on the head (pardon the pun) because instead of blogging right now I could be working on the deck that I started and can't seem to find the time to finish. If this guy from Calgary doesn't like the ad, then he should stay off his computer and definitely not watch this just in case he gets offended: