Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear city of Ottawa

Problem: The lower part of the South side of Frank Clair stadium needs to be torn down and repaired.

Solution: Sell Lansdowne Park and the stadium to a private company (from Ottawa) who will also put a team back in the CFL.

Now granted it's a heck of a lot more difficult than that, but I want the city to spend my tax dollars on more important things (roads, police, better ambulance response etc...) and let the business community take over a project of this magnitude. The previous city council proved it couldn't handle a project like the O-Train and were supposed to let them figure out a plan for LP? Now there's word that some of the city councilors want to open up an international competition where some creative mind from across the globe will think they have the solution to Bank Street's current eyesore. Every major city on the planet should have some kind of stadium so that you can attract big name concerts acts and events similar to the soccer tournament from this past summer (sadly, Lynx stadium is too small). There has to be someone locally with a vision and the deep enough pockets to pull this off?

Or is there...

Speaking of sports venues, you may have heard TGOR's Steve Warne going on about the giant slug at the corner of Greenbank and Hunt Club this morning. It's actually the new Ben Franklin sports dome, and is much bigger as you get closer.