Monday, February 18, 2008

NHL Trades 2008

After spending a good portion of family day reading the 27,356 blogs from every armchair GM on the net, I was going to throw in my opinion on what the Senators should do come NHL trade deadline day, until it hit me like a puck in the face.

What the heck is the Rogers Sportsnet logo supposed to be?

I know the cynics reading this are going to rush to the comment section of this blog and take the easy route of "another useless blog entry" but until someone can tell me what it means I remain forever confused.

Okay, back to my original thought about the Sens, and I have the answer on what they need.

Yes, the PA announcer knows all my friends....(or thinks he knows)

Here goes: Bryan Murray comes down (no....not to replace Paddock) and replays game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals complete with commercials (No PVR here) At the end of the game when Anaheim is going around the ice with Lord Stanley, Murray asks each player who was on the roster (which is pretty much the whole team) how they felt that night and what they would do to get back and win the darn thing. Then he turns the room over to Commodore and Stillman for their 2 cents, seeing how they've won 3 cups between them.
Think I'm crazy?

This team rolled out of the gate at the beginning of the season and thankfully put up amazing numbers or they would be fighting just to make the playoffs. The longtime veterans deserve to win the Cup if they're ready to sacrifice in the post season. Alfie, Phillips and Redden need to prove once and for all that this team not only has talent but can finally silence all the negative nillies who said it can't be done. If this is Wade's last year in Bytown, don't you think he'd want to go out in style with a Cup? He's worked his tail off his entire career, been the fans forever whipping boy and regardless of what you think about his current contract I know every single one of you would be loving the fact if "Reds" was holding a Cup over his head in early June.

Boys, fix it and bring Lord Stanley home.

The NHL draft is in Ottawa this year and how sweet would it be for the Sens to be Stanley Cup champs while the Leafs take the first overall pick?