Thursday, February 28, 2008

Senators and Summer lovin, Shawville style....

Like you, I'm tired about talking about the Senators goaltending issue. The city is clearly divided on which one they like and our daily emails resemble the old "North Side vs South Side sucks" from Roughrider days. Everyone has a theory, has heard a rumor, has a story, seems to know what's going on inside the locker room and seen Emery get pulled over 9 times per day.

Enough, please.

All we can hope now is that Bryan Murray takes this team to the playoffs and attempt to regain last year's form. What they do in the post season is anybody's guess and while heavily favoured teams can crumble, teams like the Senators (regardless of all the drama this year) can somehow pull it together in time.

John Paddock is a good guy who made some mistakes, (dealing with the goaltenders, probably his biggest blunder) and while he never made for a good soundbite he deserves a polite thank you from Sens fans as opposed to the nasty kick in the ass that I've read on some emails. We all know coaches are hired to be fired, my only hope this time is that Bryan Murray announces the next one in mid July with a smile on his face because he just brought the Cup home to Shawville.