Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some new clubs...

In the previous post I wrote about the car show, this one is about the golf show at the OAC. The main reason you go to this is to:

1. Try new clubs (that you're wife won't let you buy) "What's wrong with the one's you have in the garage???" - says typical better half. Yah, and you need another purse!

2. Check out the golf resorts outside Ottawa that have set up a booth. These places really give you the song and dance about how good their greens are when all they really have to do is tell you the price and you're going to sign up with the fellas. Guys don't need details.

3. And the third reason to go to a golf show is to get out of the house.

Speaking of which, if you live in Ottawa you know about the 8000 tournaments in the city of every year. The Canadian Golf and Country Club hosts their fair share. New this year is the chance to drive the greens in style and support charity at the same time . Contact the course for more info. (I'm told by the owners of the Canadian that flipping this cart will cost slightly more then the usual $500)

Now, at first I thought this was a gag but the folks at Titleist have these new ball marker hats with your favorite NHL logo on the side. For some reason there were pleeeeenty of these available...

Yes...I shamelessly put my name in the photo so when it gets passed around the globe 2 million times some guy in Norway is going to say "Who the hell is Stuntman Stu?"

Speaking of shameless: Senators playoff tix coming to TGOR, stay tuned.