Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cutting out of work for free stubs...

I'm pretty sure those that took part in the today's Sens car rally called in sick, but the playoffs are officially here and if your boss is a hockey fan they'll understand. (Easy for me to say, I work for a sports radio station) Now without much thought or analysis (Surprise, surprise!) I'm taking the Sens to win in 7 over the Penguins. There's enough expert opinions out there already on why the Sens won't make it past this round, so my prediction was made while wearing my Sens "homer hat".

Here's the top 3 winning entries from today's rally.

A tribute to Alfie...(come back soon!)

Ever wonder what your kids do with all those Sens stickers?

That's one bitchin Harley...

With honorable mention to this Ranchero.

Exactly how many drugs were involved in desigining this?

Never mind...It was from the 70's