Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm not lovin it...

You've all heard of the Madden curse on NFL players right? the same might be said for NHL goalies. Look at this years picks by the golden arches for their hockey promotion.

Vesa Toskala: Did the best he could with a lackluster defence in front of him, Leafs miss the playoffs.

Ray Emery: Never regained last season's form, couldn't make it to work on time and most likely done as a Senator, "well I don’t take responsibility for the team losing in the playoffs, I’ll tell you that much", Sens out in first round

Cristobal Huet: Traded by the Habs to the Capitals, out in the first round.

Roberto Luongo: Rumblings out of Vancouver that he wants out, Canucks miss the playoffs.

Martin Brodeur: A future hall of famer for sure but let a clown like Sean Avery throw him off his game, Devils out in the first round.

Marc-Andre Fleury: The Jury is still out on him, but for McDonald's sake they must be hoping the Penguins win the cup.

So to the other 105 NHL goalies out there, if Ronald McDonald comes knocking next year looking to get your face out there, pass it off to the backup and take a Big Mac with fries instead.