Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stop blaming us, Lord Stanley and a new door..

What eats me most during the Sens struggles is hearing a few fans who "blame the media" when things are going bad. In today's Ottawa Citizen there was an article where a local blamed the media "If they had of been a little more positive on the radio, I feel it might have gotten the fans up a little bit."

Pardon me?

Did the media show up late for practise several times this season?
Did the media start the year 15-2 only to make it into the playoffs thanks to a Florida win?
Did the media cause the inconsistent breakdown on defense?

No, the media does it's job reporting those issues because fans want to know what's going on with their team. It's been an interesting season for the Senators and regardless how it ends there will be changes. There are some positives as well (see the media, does that too..) Brian Lee will most likely be a full time Senator come training camp along with fellow baby Sen, Nick Foligno who made the most of his opportunity last night. Despite a losing record Martin Gerber has been the Sens best player who has changed some opinions. I enjoy watching Spezza and Heatley in the regular season but when it matters most they haven't come through..yet. (sorry, was that too negative??)

Fans are fans and the same one's who rip Spezza one night for a bad giveaway are nominating him for the Hart trophy the next. Live and die with your team, through the good times and bad.

I'm still praying for a miracle and hope they can rally back from a 3-0 deficit. Based on the first period last night I would have put money on it. The problem is, hockey is a 60 minute game and the Sens have yet to play a one so far in this years playoffs.

This was our winner of tickets behind the Penguins bench.

This extreme hallway makeover is what the Sens players see when leaving the dressing room before hitting the ice.

The logo on the right is a new door that slides open.

Imagine one of these in your basement?