Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stanley Cup and a baby bottle rant....


Well, technically it's heading North, just not over the border. So who's going to win the Stanley Cup? This is one of those series where I really don't care either way. I'll watch it, but won't be throwing anything at the HDTV when a bad goal is let in. Like most who are on the fence I'd like to see a long series and close games. The NHL must be thrilled at the potential for higher ratings with Sid the Kid going up against an original six team like the Wings.

Remember when the Giants took the field in Superbowl 42 and young Eli gave 3 time winner Tom Brady a little love tap? I remember thinking, "who does this guy think he is?, he should be more focused". Outside of Giants fans, who really gave them a chance to beat the Pats? I certainly didn't and good for them (this is part of the healing process for Pats fans like myself - come around 4 months later with nice things to say about them) anyways....the point is, Pittsburgh could just be bold enough, young enough and dare I say cocky enough to pull it off. They could also get swept in four by the experienced Wings. Either way, we'll have 3 more days to go over it on TGOR. (That stands for Three Guys on the Radio on Team 1200AM, for the lady who emailed me on Facebook to ask me "What is a TGOR?")


Why no love for the Conference champion trophy? Were seeing more and more team captains pose for the photo at center ice and heading off to the dressing room and not lifting their respective trophy above their heads. I don't know if it's because their supserstitious, maybe they think it will jinx their chance at winning the Cup. If it was me, I wouldn't touch it. Yes, (like Steve said this morning on TGOR) "It's an amazing acomplishment to beat out every other team in your conference" but is it what little kids dream of holding above their heads? I don't think so. The Stanley Cup is what NHLer's play their entire career for (says radio host who thinks he knows all) and if the trophy is such a big deal then why do many Canadian hockey fans consider a silver medal at the World Juniors a failure?


As a new parent for the second time my wife made me run out and buy all new baby bottles when she found out that the old one's contained some kind of chemical that makes your baby develop a third arm and need to see a shrink when they get older. I have no issue with the government forcing these items off the shelf, but the balls some of these baby bottle companies have to charge for the BPA free bottles is disgusting. New parents reading this part of my blog will know what I'm talking about. You want to take something off the shelf to protect my kids? Fine, just don't gauge me on the newer bottles. What's next? A Huggies recall because it will make your kid poop purple? A Baby Einstein video ban because research has shown that your kid will speak Klingon? If the government really wanted to help parents, then ban companies from locking every new toy so tight in a package that you need a screwdriver, scissors and a good set of patience to remove.