Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She goes fast eh??

For my 34th birthday last week my wife asked me what I wanted and I told her a Ferrari F430 in the driveway would be nice.

I got a cake instead.

I don't know when my passion for Ferrari started, maybe it came from watching Magnum PI as a kid, or I probably saw one at a car show and asked my dad, "how come you don't have one of those?" (to which the response was, "son the Ford Tempo is an excellent vehicle....") The Ferrari is one of those cars that can be associated with the rich and famous, but a quick search on the web will find the Italian automaker is more affordable these days if you want to start out with an older model (affordable, if you just fell into 60k!). For the last several years around the middle of June the Ferrari's are part of the Italian week celebrations and while the auto festival has gone through it's bumps and bruises over the years it's starting to take shape and I believe will be one of the biggest attractions in a few years. (even Ottawa's Bluesfest had humble beginnings) All of the details for this weekend's festival can be found here I'll be the guy standing next to one, pretending to be it's owner.

If you search Ferrari in this blog, you'll see some pics and video from last year.