Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Senators owner Eugene Melnyk continued his pursuit of Ottawa sports fans when he announced plans today to bid for an MLS soccer franchise and build a state of the art stadium next to Scotiabank Place. Have a look at the plans and tell me how you can't get excited about something like this?

A world class stadium with tons of parking and no interference from city councillors? Where do I sign up to buy tickets? If there was a genie who could grant wishes, maybe the Jeff Hunt group (who must be losing their patience with city hall) calls Melnyk and says "so...hey, what about making this a joint venture pal? For all I know this has happened and the big guy said, "no thanks". I want CFL football back in Ottawa just as much as anyone but as the seasons change my optimism isn't as high as it was back in March when the league gave Ottawa a conditional franchise. Frank Clair stadium is an embarrassment and while watching the crowds walk up the Bank street bridge gets the memories flowing, the fact is it's a old dump. Tear it down, start over and build it with amenities that sports fans deserve, like toilets that actually flush.