Friday, February 6, 2009

Free Superbowl Bacon...

Superbowl 43 is over and more companies spent millions on their TV ads.

The one I remember the most?

Denny's offering a free breakfast to everyone in the USA, and a Grand Slam breakfast! I live in Canada and while it didn't directly appeal to me, it's still the commercial I remember the most.

I wish more companies understood this and spent less time telling me how good their product is. Let me try it risk free and if I like it, I'll buy it. It's the same reason why they set up free snacks on every isle at Costco. Were you going to buy those frozen mini pizza's? Not likely, but after a sample it's now on your radar in case you ever need some.

At Thursday's Sens game against Boston, Hummingbird MediSpa gave out almost 18,000 vouchers good for a variety of items for one of their many locations. New to Ottawa, they're trying to get known and what are the chances you would have walked in to their spa otherwise?

When I buy my next car, first off it's going to be used. I'll let somebody else put on 15,000km's and take advantage of the discount. Where will I buy? It won't be from the guy who tells me how good his dealership is, but the one that lets me take it home one night to see if the car seats actually fit and if there was enough room for my smelly hockey bag.

Free oil changes for the entire lease would be nice too..