Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soccer or Football in Ottawa.

I was asked this week on our radio show on which I wanted more. The question from co-host Steve Warne was:

"If you're standing outside two stadiums, one for soccer and the other for football which one do you go in?"

I chose football based on my past experience with the Roughriders and Renegades. The last soccer game I saw in person was attending regular Montreal Impact games in the early 90's. Long before the Ottawa MLS proposal, I've been a big supporter of the return of a CFL team, providing it has solid ownership. The Jeff Hunt group has that and along with deep pockets, how could one argue against it.

Then Senators owner Eugene Melnyk enters the picture with his vision and I start to think, yah it could work why not. Thousands of kids play soccer in the region (more than football and hockey) so how could it fail? Will 20 thousand fans show up a dozen times a year to watch a sport in person that they're not as familiar with compared to football?

From now on I'm going to look at both proposals this way: Which is going to make the most sense for me and my family?

1. Is there a place to park?
2. How reasonable are ticket prices?
3. Is the stadium clean? (you could eat off the cement floor at Lynx, err...Rapids, uuhh Voyage, whatever stadium)
4. Was I entertained?

Once I get those answers, then I'll make my decision.