Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm going to save Melnyk 100 million..

Here's how I'm gonna do it...sort of.

Sens owner Eugene Melnyk was in town this week talking about his new soccer stadium and how it's going to cost 110 million dollars. We don't need a stadium, we need a new scoreboard at Scotiabank Place.

Yes, the Sens potential of missing the playoffs notwithstanding, the current Sanyo that sits over the ice (while classic) is like having an old TV while all your friends are watching on a 52 inch Plasma. Mr. Melnyk spends 10 million on the biggest scoreboard available on the planet giving him the ultimate bragging rights, thus guaranteeing 41 sell outs a season and no need for a soccer stadium.

Yes, this is what goes through my head during a Sens game.

So, do you want this:

Or this: