Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fool, Sens car flags, Strike 3...


Well that didn't take long now did it.

I would have paid big bucks to be inside the Rangers locker room after that loss to the Bruins. With less then 6 minutes to play in a 1-0 game, this is what the NHL's sideshow thinks will wake up his team. My nomination for coach of the year, John Tortorella for having to put up with Sean Avery.

The Sens missing the playoffs for the first time since 97. It's going to take some getting used to not seeing the Sens car flags/cheer cards but don't worry my fellow Ottawans, there's baseball to look forward to.

Scratch that, no baseball.

The only ball hitting Ottawa stadium is potentially a wrecking ball as one Ottawa councillor suggested. Ottawans are debating a soccer stadium/hotel development in Kanata or a shopping/aquarium and refurbished Landsdowne Park when a perfectly good stadium could be a big box store or condominium within a few years. Living in Ottawa for 15 years I love how the city has grown and is on the world stage with NHL hockey, Bluefest, Winterlude etc...but am continually amazed at how narrow minded some are in this town are. I'll bet you that with the current city council nothing will get done. I don't get the impression there's any support for the growth of professional sports in Ottawa outside of hockey. I can appreciate that their looking out for the people that put them in office and who really wants to jeopardize their income given the current economy, but take a stand and make a decision.

After some long hard looks at both proposals, (both of which I like) whichever costs me less as a taxpayer in the city of Ottawa gets my vote.