Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What are you afraid of?

Just so I have my facts straight:

The city of Ottawa which owns Lansdowne Park has let it rot to the condition that it's currently in. A local, yes a local group of successful businessmen who's backgrounds are in construction want to re-develop the site (which the city would benefit in taxes) and they are met with 2 major roadblocks.

Ottawa Councillor Clive Doucet - Ward 17

Glebe Community Association

If you bought a home in the Glebe in the last one hundred years and didn't notice the giant stadium then it's your own fault. I cannot understand the angst against growth that comes from councillor Doucet and the association. What are you afraid of? Is it the crowds after football games you don't like? Why did you buy in that area of town to begin with? I understand the city doesn't want to just hand over a prime piece of real estate for nothing but then what have you done with it and what are the future plans if it stays within the city's control? I know one thing for sure, we have Clive Doucet who believes someone from across the planet knows what's best for Ottawa and while it's good to share ideas in the global village, I wouldn't be in any position to tell someone from Kenya how to live.

At this stage you can have a professional dart league play in a new stadium, but can we please move forward?

Oh, wait...who am I kidding. We'll need another study before we do that.