Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cool event...

I've been lucky in my career to be involved with many amazing corporate and community events. Today I witnessed something that Ottawa schools and companies should check out.

Its called the Inside Ride where you and your co-workers (or fellow students) ride in a team of 6 for 10 minutes each on a full size bike. While you're huffing and puffing away, your teammates are right beside you cheering you on, fanning you and giving you water.

The idea is not to be the fastest group, but to raise funds for kids with Cancer and having a blast with your co-workers during a lunchour.

Alcatel Lucent is the only Ottawa company to host this event for the second year in their main entrance with 28 teams taking part. This event won't break your company budget, heck it won't even make a dent (just ask anyone at Alcatel Lucent).

The music was pumping, atmosphere like a rock concert and best of all almost $30,000 was raised for kids with Cancer.