Friday, July 10, 2009

No Tweed day...

Summer in Ottawa and not much going on...

Not so fast.

Senators star Dany Heatley wants out of the city and now your elected council members don't want to declare next Wednesday Shannon Tweed day. Acting mayor Doug Thompson probably saw a great opportunity to drum up some publicity for the city and since Shannon was "Miss Ottawa Valley" in the late 70's and once worked at a bar on Bank street, how could he go wrong.

But this is Ottawa. The town that wants more greenspace at Landsdowne Park and a has a bit of a sewage problem.

Now, we're likely going to look like a bunch of hicks on the world stage, which plays perfectly for the producers of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" (who according to one report) will follow Shannon around when she comes to town. Is it that big of a deal to hand out a proclamation? So she didn't build a hospital or save a kitten from a tree, it's all about promoting your brand as a city which leads to tourism. When I worked at the Bear and U2 came to town we approached then Mayor Bob Chiarelli to declare the day they came to town as "U2 day in Ottawa" and while Bono has done a few more things then Shannon (OK way more) it was a publicity stunt for the radio station and good PR for the city.

Before you start with the "Stu is biased" emails, I'll save you the time. I'm a big of the Gene's reality show, but were talking about a proclamation. Were not erecting a Shannon Tweed statue or re-naming Bronson street after her.