Monday, September 7, 2009

West coast Vibe

I spent the last 9 days in Vancouver auditioning to work the upcoming Olympics as a PA announcer.

Some random thoughts from the week:

There’s definitely a West coast vibe. In the East, we're constantly on the move whereas in Vancouver; the pace is a little slower. Maybe it’s because they don’t have to deal with Ottawa winters.

Living in the heart of the city for 9 days, I counted 430 coffee spots. They really like their java.

When you get your driver’s licence, every 4th person gets a free Range Rover. Those 100k machines are everywhere.

If someone tells you to climb Grouse Mountain, don’t have a big meal before. There are no bathrooms on the way up.

If you ever want a breakfast you’ll never forget, go to the Elbow Room. Just try asking for a second cup of coffee. Then cross the water and go to Rossini’s for lunch, for some genuine hospitality and great food.

For dinner, try sushi. There's a location on every corner. I didn’t, but everyone said I should.

On the flight home:

If your bag is too heavy, the airline charges a ridiculous fee or you can take it out and bring it with your carry on. Now, because I slept through high school math...if I’m bringing back 10 bowling balls and I take out 4 but still bring them with me on the plane, am I not still bringing them on the plane?

Why do only people in first class get cookies? I like cookies, and I’m in row 13.

Why does getting the window seat and having the person next to me not show up make me very happy?

The pilot said we have to put everything away now, we’re about to land.

It’s nice to be home.