Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aunt Jemima wants a word with me...

In our house we try to make as much from scratch as possible. The kids want french fries, we cut the potatoes and bake them. They want cookies, we bake them. Hamburgers on the BBQ? I make them (and they're pretty good...).

So I surprised my fellow Facebookers when I posted this in my kitchen. It's batter in a can and once your pan is hot, presto! instant pancakes. Some of the best comments I received:

Melanie said
"To say you don't have 10 minutes to whip up some batter is a sad statement on life."

Will said
"Stu, really? Is it that hard to do water and flour?"

Bill said
"Aerosol pancakes - what will they think of next?

It wasn't that bad. Once it's done I'll probably go back to the old way because somethings just can't be replaced.