Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ON the bottle...for a good cause

A while back I wanted to start my own charity golf tournament...but there's enough of them in Ottawa right now. Then I figured, what about a gala dinner with a live auction...but there's plenty of those as well.

Then one night this summer, sitting on my patio enjoying some red wine the idea hit me. Let's do a bottle of wine and raise money for charity.

With that I'm proud to present:

"Stuntman Stu Red Line Merlot" by Huff Estates.

$2 from every bottle goes to the Sens Foundation. This not for profit idea has some local companies that have jumped on board to help make it a success and all the details are here

You can sample it for the first time this weekend at the wine and food show and order online (click on the label) on the left side of my blog.

I will also update the blog and let you know which Ottawa restaurants will be carrying the wine as well.