Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carrie Underwood...real deal.

While I was off last week I ran into Carrie Underwood. She's getting lots of talk around Ottawa with her recent engagement to Sens star Mike Fisher. I expected her to roll in with a posse of assistants and PR people. The woman I met came in for her workout (with Ottawa's Tony Greco) and I thought to myself, that can't be her. She walks in with no ego and seems very down to earth. My wife tells me that it comes with the country star handbook and most of them are like that.

It's no surprise why she ended up with a guy like Mike. He's as normal as they come and and a really nice guy. While my co-host Sandy Sharkey (president of the Mike Fisher fan club) is still getting over the news of their engagement, you can't help but be happy for them.

It's obvious my daughter had no idea who Daddy was taking a photo with, but if I was standing next to Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer or Thomas the tank engine she may have thrown in a smile.