Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to Vancouver...

Just a few days away from the biggest event in the country and yours truly will be set up at UBC Thunderbird arena as the PA announcer for Women's Hockey and Men's Sledge Hockey.

I took this photo behind the glass and thought it was a cool shot. The city is filled with thousands of athletes, journalists and volunteers from around the world.

It's the coolest event I've ever had the chance to work and am spending the week in rehearsals and trying to remember to bring my pass with me. Apparently, "Hi, I'm Stu..yah, I know I forgot my pass but you remember me from yesterday right?" doesn't work.

I initially posted this photo on Facebook and most were asking, did you take that during the summer? There's no snow in Vancouver, but hopefully it's a different story on the hills.

Off to go find Quatchi.

See you soon.