Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wine wine wine and Leaf nation...

Since introducing my own wine for charity last November at the wine & food show, I've answered lots of questions so it's time for a FAQ page:

1. Why did you do it?

I've always wanted to host my own golf tournament or gala but there's enough of them and I wanted to try something different.

2. How much does the Sens foundation get?

The Sens foundation gets $2 from every bottle. We have 2000 bottles, and even my grade 1 math can figure out that equals a $4,000 donation.

3. How much do you get, are the Sens paying you to do this?

Nothing, and no. I have kids and see how hard the Sens foundation works for various organizations. I've toured Rogers House several times and as a parent, it's the last place you ever want to be but thankful if you need it.

4. Did you make this wine in your basement?

No! I've partnered up with Huff Estates in Prince Edward County and they produce the "Stuntman Stu Red Line Merlot" along with many other fine wines.

5. Where can I get the wine?

Go to and click on the left hand side where you see the wine bottle. It's one click and the wine is delivered to your home or office in 3 days.

6. Why can't I get it at the LCBO?

Without getting too technical, there's many costs behind the scenes and it would be much more than the 19.95 you're paying now.

7. When is the White coming out?

It's in the plans but nothing just yet. We're open to all kinds of feedback.

8. Can I order it with dinner at a restaurant?

Yes, the list is still growing and you can see which restaurants are involved on my blog, just below the wine tab.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far. The next time you're hosting a dinner party or trying to come up with a cool gift idea for a wine lover on your list, give my wine a try and help support the Sens foundation at the same time.

We've even had some Leaf fans buy some bottles too...