Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marshy and Stanley's possible return...

Since the Habs win over Pittsburgh, former classmates on Facebook have been calling me out for my true hockey allegiance. Here's the facts, 16 years ago I moved to Ottawa from Montreal and used to wear my Habs jersey proudly around Algonquin College. A few years later I tried to get into Marshy's at the Corel Center for a radio promotion (while wearing the red white and blue) and Brad Marsh wouldn't let me in. Marshy directed me across the concourse where I could buy a Sens jersey and since he was a former NHLer with hands triple the size of any human, I quickly adopted Ottawa as my second team that night. Brad, also bought my dinner, which shows how quickly I can jump off a team bandwagon for fries and a Coke. 4 years ago the Sens hired me as their PA announcer and at the time, President Roy Mlakar said "try and contain yourself when the Habs score in our building!" I would love the see the Sens win a Cup and as long as we win one before the Leafs, I'm prepared to wait. So, here we are with the Habs heading to round 3 and since the Sens are out I'm cheering for my old team. I'm not singing either of those goofy songs (Ole and Halak) but here's one that I do like:

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