Monday, September 6, 2010


First day of school was always fun for the first hour. All I was interested in was how many good looking girls were in my class and then spent the whole year trying to find the courage to talk to them. By the time June rolled around, the cute brunette had a boyfriend, the blonde thought I was a nerd and the redhead, well she thought I was a dork too. Here's some of my favorite school movies:

But first, a word from our unofficial sponsor:

From Back to School, here's Rodney Dangerfield getting into it with his teacher:

Classic scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off...

I had a teacher like Mr. Hand, it was my grade 8 teacher (Mr.Knox)..

I spent lots of time in detention, although we had to sit outside the office and not in the library:

And since my high school and almost ever other one on the planet did this play, here's the opening of Grease:

To the teachers that have to put up with bad kids like me all year, I salute you and don't know how you do it. To the students, if you end the year with a C- then you're qualified to talk on the radio for a living. Good luck this year!