Monday, May 2, 2011

Real men wear padded biker shorts....

Ever set a goal and try something completely out of your comfort zone? On Sunday May 1st the CN Cycle for CHEO raised 621k and after years of emceeing these events, I biked 70k.

When you're a novice in these events and lazy like me, it was suggested that I train for the event. Huge thanks to my trainer Luke at Greco Lean and Fit (Beech street) and the Ottawa Athletic Club for letting me abuse their stationary bikes.

Recap: 0-30k, fairly simple and straight forward. 30-60k, into the wind and challenging. The last 10k with the finish line in sight, was the best part of the ride. I would encourage anyone who's never done one of these to give it a try and do it on a team or with some friends. My buddies Roger and Gerry (veterans riders) helped me stay with the pack and without them I would still be out there.

Now, after your support of over $4000 raised and 70k in the up, 100k for "Ride the Rideau" this September, benefiting the Ottawa Hospital Foundation. It's only another 30k, how hard could that be?