Monday, June 6, 2011

10 years for CHEO

As a lead up to this year's CHEO Telethon on CTV, I shamelessly wrote on Twitter "If I get to 10 thousand followers, I'll donate $1,000 to CHEO". Why more followers? It's an ego thing and the more people following you, the closer you are to world domination (Lady Gaga has 10 million followers) By Sunday, my count was around 3700 so I decided to donate the money regardless. CHEO has always been there for our kids and my wife and I are grateful to have it in our community.

It was after that conversation that we decided to make this commitment to CHEO for the next 10 years. Congrats to this year's telethon for raising a record 6.3 Million and thanks to all of you who helped make that happen. It's your bake sales, golf tournaments, galas etc that achieve that kind of success.

Thank you!