Friday, July 1, 2011

5 minute Royal Ottawa recap: Will and Kate

Prior to the Royals arriving in Ottawa for Canada Day, we tried a few things on Majic 100. First was to book a hotel room 24 hours before the big day. The city was booked solid, as we found out when we called the Lord Elgin. This staffer deserves employee of the month after this call:

Then we gave you a head's up on what to expect from out 5 year old Royal Watcher, who attempts to pick up the Duchess of Cambridge:

Now, you know those fools who climb up a street lamp to get a better view? Well, in anticipation of the Royals going by Major's Hill Park on Canada Day I figured why not. After 30 minutes, the Police asked that I get down. "No prob, I said"...all I had to do was figure out how to get down!

When I did eventually get down, I did what many of you did and tried to hold the camera still enough to get this video. Watch closely, I believe the Governor General of Canada David Johnston gives me a wave..(I'm sure Majic 100 is on at Rideau Hall)

Some favorite shots of the weekend, this one by: Sean Kilpatrick of the Canadian Press:

And this one by my former co-host Sandy Sharkey from 93.9 BOB-fm