Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Done something goofy today?

At the Power of Women event in Toronto recently....wait a sec, why am I writing about that event when I'm a guy. At Majic 100 we had a contest to go to the show and meet the headliner Ellen, so yours truly chaperoned the winner. (Ellen, by the way is very tiny in person and sweet...) Ok, so there's 4000 women in the room and 5 guys. One of the speakers Loretta LaRoche tells everyone to act goofy once in a while and just have fun, eluding to the fact that we're all wrapped up in our own BS a little too much. She was very funny and right. We're all busy in our daily lives, so try something silly today. Here's an example of just doing something for no reason, other than having fun. Laptop open, listening to some old school music.