Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roadtrip - Audi Q7

Ever head out on a road trip and catch yourself saying "there's no way all that stuff will fit into the trunk?" well that's what happened to us. As a car nut, I wanted something fun to drive with some tech toys (nav, backup camera, etc) and got the chance to try the Audi Q7. We drove TDI version (diesel) and made it from Ottawa to Tremblant roundtrip with plenty of gas to spare. The ride was much smoother than I expected and there's enough room for suitcases, kids beach toys and a full size cooler. After driving a Q5 for 2 years, this family hauler was just the right size. The best part of the drive to Tremblant (from Ottawa) is highway 323. With all the twist and turns, the Q7 handled like a pro.

Thanks to Mark Motors and Audi for the hookup!