Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank YOU

I'm not writing this as the PA announcer for the Ottawa Senators, but as a Dad. You can even replace "Sens" with your team if you like.  

My 7 year old played hockey for the first time this year and more importantly the Sens showed up on his radar. He wanted to know the outcome of every game, including who was the starting goaltender. After his own games he asked which member of the Sens he played like on that night. He cheered with every Sens win and wanted to dissect every loss. 

The names of Alfie, Phillips, Neil, Spezza, Karlsson are now part of his vocabulary.

His younger sister just likes chanting "Go Sens Go" and is happy Spartacat isn't going anywhere. 

So, this Dad thanks the Ottawa Senators. For giving my kids something to cheer for and for making them fans. 

Here's to the #PeskySens for a memorable season and Alfie coming back for one more year.