Monday, September 9, 2013

I'll have a Martini please..

Sitting at dinner with the kids my wife notices an elderly couple and there was something about them that stood out. The man is wearing a black suit and his wife is all made up, a long skirt, purple sweater and pearls. We guess their age somewhere in the mid 70's and here we are, dressed in our sweats and looking like we're coming from gym class. We overhear their conversation with the waiter and the man really wants a martini. The place we're at doesn't usually make those but the waiter insists he'll make him one. The wife orders a glass of wine and my wife leans over and says to me "We should buy them their first drink". 

"Why do you know them?" I ask..

"No, but hopefully that will be us one day, all done up in our Sunday best and they look like a sweet couple".

We let the waiter in on our plans with instructions that the couple is only told at the end of the meal. When they ask why, we just wanted them to have a nice evening. Nothing more..

We've since left and enjoying an ice cream at the spot next door and the couple track us down to thank us. They say they really enjoy this particular restaurant and always make a point to visit when in town. I ask where they're from and they say from a small town about 2.5 hours from Ottawa. They drove in for a medical appointment tomorrow at 8am. We think the man may have suffered a stroke based on the way his face looks, but he's an intimidating fellow and appears very genuine. My son goes over and says "I hope you had a nice evening" to which the man says "Bless you.." (I think he was a minister).

Anyways.. point of the story:

Do something nice for someone this week.. Just do something at random wherever you are.

It made us feel good and maybe, just maybe our little gesture added another bright spot to their night out.