Wednesday, December 6, 2006 hang with the pros!

The good folks at the Hudson's Bay Company are selling various adventure packages aimed at customers with several thousand dollars burning a hole in their pocket. As a Hab fan the one that caught my eye was spending a day with Montreal Canadiens assistant coach and Stanley Cup winner Kirk Muller.

For $9,000......Yes, that's right, $9,000 here's what you get:

• Standard accommodation at the Delta Hotel in Montreal for 1 night
• 2 Montreal Canadiens replica jerseys to be personally autographed by Kirk Muller
• 2 game tickets
• Behind-the-scenes tour
• Meet and greet with Kirk Muller, plus any other alumni and players present at the game (depending on availability)

Now, here's what you should get for $9,000:

1. The Penthouse suite at the Queen Elizabeth with a butler and unlocked mini bar.

2. Kirk Muller's game jersey from the 93 Cup final and a replica of his Hugo Boss suit that he wears behind the bench.

3. Game tickets behind the bench with all the Bell Center hot dogs you can shove down your pie hole.

4. A behind the scenes tour...(okay, that one is pretty cool)

5. Meet and greet with every alumni who lives within a 50 kilometre radius of Montreal.

Wayne Gretzky charges $9,999 to hang out with him for a week at his fantasy camp and you get to play hockey with the guy, so 9 Grand for a day with Kirk Muller seems a little steep.

Funny, I don't remember this guy being drafted!