Friday, December 8, 2006

Sometimes you need perspective...

Today the Senators made their annual Christmas visit to CHEO. The players assemble in the cafeteria to sign autographs, take pictures and then separate into small groups and tour the other wards throughout the hospital.

Rogers House sits next door and is a place that no parent ever wants to visit ( I was lucky enough to tour the facility alongside Mike Fisher, Daniel Alfredsson, Wade Redden and Patrick Eaves. During construction the planners always said they didn't want to build a hospital and having seen it in person, Rogers House is a warm caring environment for what must be an impossible emotional journey for the families.

What struck me the most was how the players took it all in. In a world where we view them in a superhero status, it was interesting to see the roles being reversed. It was the players who felt in awe, something you don't often see.

Driving home after the tour, suddenly the traffic jam on Riverside didn't seem so bad.