Sunday, December 17, 2006

Buy my beer...

When the CFL told beer owner Frank D'Angelo to take his bid for an Ottawa football team and take a hike, we thought we'd heard the last of him and his beer. Then came the full page ad in the Citizen, (an ad he bought at a charity auction) where he promised to promote world peace and good beer.

Reading the paper on a quiet Sunday morning, it seems that Frank now wants to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins, which would make sense seeing how his Steelback beer would be a perfect fit in "Steeltown USA".

Can you imagine Gary Bettman sitting across from D'Angelo? That would be a sight to see.

The only thing D'Angelo has been successful with is getting his beer tons of free publicity. One has to admire Frank's determination, but if he wants to be taken seriously then he's got to change his TV ads that don't look like they were created after drinking 6 pints. When you're going up against Budweiser who make us wait until the Superbowl for their million dollar ads or the clever minds at Molson Canadian, the Steelback blonde at the bar who says "ooohh that's big" makes you look bush league.

Don't even get me started on the ads with former Canadian Olympian Ben Johnson who says "he Cheetah all the time".

It's been well documented that D'Angelo has a billionaire pal who will obviously pay the way for all of Frank's ventures but he's got to focus on one sport and resist the temptation to try and save the day every time a franchise is in jeopardy. If Frank wants people buying his beer then he should ride into town, set up a sign-up table at the Civic Center and hand over sponsorship for every adult rec league sports team in the city.

Just think, hundreds of Ottawa teams with a Steelback Jersey and a $2000 cheque to kick off the season. There's a pretty good chance one of those teams will remember your brand the next time they're shopping at the Beer store and buy your product, because in the end that's what it's all about.