Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hair appointments...and Paula Ab-droool

So last week I get busted on the show for booking my wife a hair appointment and the good faithful in TGOR nation set a new record for emails on the subject. In the last week I've been called out for having "no balls, being whipped, and fancy".

My thinking was, do something nice for the wife = Watch my Patriots take on the Chargers while she looks after our 11 month old son. She got her hair done and 2 days later I watched the game, ate some wings, had some beers while my kid threw his sweet potato and rice casserole across the kitchen.

As I've come to learn in my short time on TGOR, that anything considered acceptable in my past life must come to an end. Guess this means no more back waxing sessions at the spa....

We've had a few emailers wanting to know where to get the clip of American Idol judge Paula Abdul, who appears to be loaded or high. Her "publicist" (Celebrity slave, liar, media manipulator) said she was tired after 2 hours of intense interviews. Allow me to steal Steve's WTF??? line here...but WTF? Intense interviews? Hi Paula, so what's in store for us this season, what's it like working with Simon?? Do you talk to Clay Aiken?

(did I just use a Clay Aiken reference in my blog?...)

Anyways, I'm posting this for the simple reason that if want to look like an ass on the world wide web, who am I to stop you...and it allows me to continue to fill up the page with useless video. Enjoy.