Tuesday, February 20, 2007


After only a few months on TGOR, I've learned many things.

1. Don’t book a hair appointment for your wife, regardless of the intentions.

2. Don’t eat an apple with a paper towel.

3. Don’t ask Pierre McGuire a question that’s already been asked.

4. Don't set up your sister-in law with Buzz

5. Don't bring Kenny our fine producer unsalted chips.

The other thing I've learned is despite the fact that the show runs for over 3 hours, sometimes we run out of time, so allow me to rant...

Last night I’m watching TV and stumbled on CNN. I've been a fan of Larry King for years but after he gave airtime to the Britney Spears head shaving incident, I’m starting to wonder what kind of planet we live on. I know it's a celebrity obsessed era where thanks to the Internet your neighbour can videotape himself lighting firecrackers up his ass and within minutes he’s a worldwide star, but let’s put things in perspective here, she went for a haircut.

Spears decided at the last second to shave her melon right down to the wood. Cry for Help, Please...she knew exactly what she was doing, pretending like she didn't notice the cameras outside of the shop.

It almost seems that the more outrageous one can be, the better. Yes, I’m the same guy who spent 48 hours locked in a box for charity and did many dumb things on the street for ratings but for once don't you just want to open up a paper and read about something good instead of some millionaire washed up singer who needed a haircut?

But then again, like Steve Warne reminds me on a daily basis, this is the new world we live in.

My problem is I’m stuck in 1985, watching Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, going to Expos games (when ball players would sign anything) and the Habs were en route to another Stanley Cup.

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