Saturday, March 3, 2007

Trade me right flippin now...(then hang up...)

What a week on TGOR....

The NHL trade deadline was the main topic of discussion this week and John Muckler should check his office for hidden microphones because some emailers to the show this week apparently have secret audio and know exactly what went on between Muckler and the other 29 GM's in the league.

What amazed me was how he can go from hero to bum in a matter of weeks. Pick up Mike Comrie from Phoenix for an empty bottle of Vodka in Kaigorodov and he's a genius. Miss out on Roberts, Guerin and Smyth and were ready to have him hung on Sparks street. Regardless of what becomes of Saprykin and Nycholat, what concerns me most with the Sens is how they react in the playoffs. I imagine Alfredsson, Redden and Phillips have grown tired of the early exit and the post mortem press conference the next day, trying to figure out once again what went wrong. I admire the passion shared by our emailers, but let's wait and see what the Sens do before we call for someones head.

Maybe we can get Peyton Manning to visit the Sens locker room prior to game one of the playoffs.

The other topic on the show this week was me getting in trouble with the wife. Instead of a breakdown of what I should or shouldn't have done, I've sent my credit card over to the local flower shop and asked that roses be sent over once a week.

Here's looking ahead to a fun week, Sidney Crosby and the Penguins are in town Tuesday for what should be a heck of a game, and the "Battle of Ontario" returns on Thursday. It should be noted that the building will probably be filled with Blue and White for that game (as per usual) so while Bluey fans boo Alfie, Sens fans should respond with sixty seven....sixty seven...

Leaf fans love when you remind them how long they've gone without kissing Lord Stanley.

Sorry, Bluey its all in good fun.