Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Meat

For those of you this morning who had to listen to Buzz's rant about Meatloaf, well let's just put it this way...his "story" is about as factual as his Blue Team winning the Cup last year.

To reset why Buzz dislikes Meatloaf so much: Many years ago when Buzz worked for a rock station he was about to introduce Meatloaf, when Mr. Loaf bellows out "Hey ballcap boy, the Meat goes on, when the Meat says it's time to go on..." (sorry for paraphrasing, but you get the idea...anyways, so Buzz is left with the impression that Mr. Loaf has a big ego.

Good story Buzz...and you had all of us fooled. Until NOW.

Thanks to the Internet, and the promotions department..er...uhh.."New Media Producer, Andy" (who is very, very, very busy, but made an exception) we have uncovered the awful ugly truth of Buzz's past.

Yes, TGOR...he was in Meatloaf.

That's Buzzy Boo Bear second from the right...

And there he is second from the left.

Now, being the "HWMISB" that I am, we found the following:

Back in the early days, 1966-1968, Buzz met Meatloaf in a parking lot and started forming their own Band – The Skins. Things went bad early on when there was a struggle for power and who should do most of the song writing. Meat felt his lyrics were stronger but Buzz was sure that his melodies were more poignant with the current social climate. Eventually they went their separate ways after a disastrous performance in San Fransisco where Buzz openly accused Meat of stealing his ideas and walked off the stage, only to be attacked in an alley by awaiting Meatloaf fans.

Now if we can only find a way for the Senators to hold on to a 3rd period lead, all would be right in the world.