Saturday, March 10, 2007

The week that was...

The 3 questions I was asked the most this week:

1. What was Suzanne Sommers really like in person?

2. Did you refer to your wife as a horse?

3. Who is PETER Dean McAmmond?

Suzanne was very nice in person, and seemed genuine. She was in town promoting her appearance for the "Power from Within" conference and did the tour of the CHUM building. Her "people" wouldn't allow her to appear on TGOR, so she sat in on "Over the Edge". It's always cool to meet someone you grew up watching and for a 61 year old, she looks very good in person. I've met plenty of rock stars when I worked at the squirrel and remember the odd jackass who thought they were holier than thou.

The answer to the second question is, NO. I've said plenty of dumb things on TGOR, but didn't call my better half a horse. Buzz likes to stir things up and tried to hang me on that, but when the podcasts eventually get updated you can hear it for yourself.

The last thing was at Tuesday's game against the Penguins. While announcing #37 assist, I threw in Peter prior to his name and corrected it mid sentence. It came out as "Senators goal assisted by, #37 Peter (uh-oh....brain fart) Dean McAmmond...

Yah, nothing like screwing up with 20,000 people in the crowd. Now I know how a goalie feels when they let in a soft goal.

Coming up this week on TGOR, more Sens tickets for the St. Patrick's game vs Philly, passes for the Sens pay per view and Steve returns from Barbados on Wed. Props to AJ for filling while the mayor of Barrhaven is roughing it on the beach!